What is photoboothfinder?

We understand how difficult and expensive it can be for booth owners to build a consistent presence on the Internet and social media.

Photoboothfinder is the UK’s number one photo booth directory. We aim to be the only place to go when you are looking for a photo booth. By simply entering the location of their event, Our search engine will provide details of all booths in the local area.
How will joining Photoboothfinder help my photo booth business?
Registering your booth with photo booth Finder will give you a much greater Internet presence. We offer a level playing field where your photo booth can be easily found.

We have dedicated marketing budget to generate a real presence on search engines and social media.

We will actively be promoting your services on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

It’s like having a new PR team without the massive costs associated.

How do I advertise my booth on Photoboothfinder?

Getting your booth on Photoboothfinder UK is nice and easy.

The first step is to Register with Photoboothfinder. Once you have registered, we will need to verify that you are a legitimate company, so will charge only 1 penny for the first 3 months on a trial basis.

Once your account is live and paypal has verified you, all you do then is list your booth under booth type and then a description and uplaod photos and logos.

A simple form will guide you through the process to capture as much information as possible. Once you have confirmed and the system has accepted your booth, it will be reviewed and activated within 24 hours.

It’s as simple as that! If you do have any question or queries please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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