Pricing & Things to consider

When searching for a Photo booth for your event there can be a number of different things you may need to consider. Below are a few things to keep in mind and consider when choosing the right booth for your event.

Social Media

Take a moment to check out the company’s web site, facebook, Instagram and twitter as this will may give you more of an insight into the operators you are considering.


Booth companies across the UK offer packages consisting of varying products and services. Always discuss your requirements and budget with the operators to see what they can offer. Keep in mind your budget and identify what your priorities are i.e. unlimited prints, a guest book. Speak to the Booth operators about the packages they offer and it is often the case that you can add different services according to your budget.

Set up and delivery

Some companies do charge extra for set up as it can take an average of 45 minutes to set up and take down a photo booth, so be sure to confirm these when discussing your quote. Always try and get your quote inclusive of setup and delivery.

Booking Form

Make sure you read the booking form and the terms of business carefully before agreeing on any booking. Pay close attention to the venue address, time of hire, the price agreed, additional costs and deposit paid section.


In most cases, a refundable deposit in the region of £100 will be required to secure a booth booking. This is a standard agreement and covers any damage to the booth or loss/damage to the props.

Meal allowance

Booth attendants can often work between 7- 8 hours at an event. Some companies may specify in their contract that you must provide lunch/dinner for their staff. Please ensure this is discussed when making your booking enquiries.