Terms & Conditions

 1 ) Any free period of advertising given by us is complimentary,
 2 ) We will be advertising your company logos and contact details like email and telephone.

 3 ) We are working collectively to make sure that we provide you with qualified leads. 

4 ) We do not guarantee any number of leads through out the period you have signed up for.
5 ) We will be marketing on Fb, Instagram and other social media sites on your behalf.   
6 ) Leads may come directly to you and not necessarily via our website.
7 ) We will be bringing to you by email and social media great business partner deals.
8 ) Any jobs undertaken via our leads must be done by your company and not subbed out.
9) Cancelling your subscription is your responsibility and can be done by logging into your account or cancelling your Payment instructions for example Paypal or your Bank instructions.