Enclosed Booths

These types of photo booths can have a white background, a coloured curtain background or a green screen so that you are able to choose any background of your choice. The enclosed booth can normally fit between 1 and 8 people depending on the size of the booth, so is plenty big enough to fit you and your friends! The traditional enclosed booth can be either standing or seated and is considered the most popular in the UK market.
The enclosed booth is heaps of fun! As soon as the curtain is closed you can pose with your friends and create some great memories.

Led Booths

This is new to the photo booth market. The LED booth is an enclosed inflatable cabin that can hold large groups of people so is ideal for events where you may have a large number of guests. This could provide an excellent feature for your upcoming event!


Open Booths

As the name suggests, these photos are captured in the open with a backdrop of your choice. These can be considered more like “professional” photos where guests would typically stand and have their pictures taken. Suited to more formal events they offer the guests an ideal memory to take away from any event.

Selfie Pods

These are standalone units where you can pose for a selfie. This is a very simple, cost effective way of having your guests take away a memory from your event. It’s also a great solution if you are limited for space.


Red Carpet and Queue Pods

To provide an elegant touch to your event you can add a red carpet and/or stanchions. Please check the space you have as this can take up more space than your typical booth. These can be very popular on corporate events.


Very popular at corporate events and weddings, Novelty booths add a slice of originality to any event. Push the boat out and get the booths customised with your own branding for your special day. It may be the priciest of the booth options but this will offer an excellent talking point at any event.


Mirror Booth Photo

The mirror booth is the latest innovative new product for 2017 with many being interactive and talking to you. It’s great at taking selfies and some let you sign your pictures. It really is the must have item at your event.